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January 18 2018

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Family Curse

January 15 2018

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January 07 2018

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January 05 2018

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November 23 2017

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🍂 animal crossing pocket camp aesthetic 🍁

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my favourite outfits in mario odyssey

November 21 2017

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A new band called the Bottom Feeders has been tearing up the Inkopolis charts lately. The band is fronted by a tropical-betta-fish violinist, features vocals by a dude made of seaweed, and also includes a shark, a scallop, and a globefish. Their unforgiving yet catchy music style is the product of fusing ancient Celtic sea shanties with punk rock.

October 25 2017

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Tom Nook is back on his bullshit ⊟ 

I know that complaining about Tom Nook whenever new Animal Crossing stuff happens is corny, but this tanuki is out of control right now and I can’t let this go. Gone are the days when he’d empty just your virtual pockets to pay for home loans and trinkets at his shop – Nook is now demanding real life cash to grace your phone with his presence in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Even though Nintendo promised that the smartphone game will launch late November, an early version is already available in the Australian and New Zealand app stores, which people have taken advantage of. Early playthroughs (shout-outs to Kotaku) have shown that getting staple characters like K.K. Slider and Tom Nook to hang out at your campgrounds for an extended period of time requires a chair that costs 250 Leaf Tickets, the new in-game currency introduced with this release.

Now you can grind in-game activities to earn Leaf Tickets and hoard whatever freebies Nintendo throws at you to eventually buy one of these chairs, or you can spend around $10 on a stack (standard prices for the Tickets are ¢99 for 20, $1.99 for 45, $3.99 for 100, and $7.99 for 200). He’s always found new ways to scam you out of Bells with each game, but charging your credit card for an up-front appearance fee is peak Nook.

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Animal Crossing goes camping on smartphones late November ⊟ 

It’s finally coming, a mobile version of Nintendo’s super popular social sim! Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (for iOS and Android) looks and plays a lot like previous versions on dedicated gaming consoles, but this time you’re developing and customizing campgrounds instead of a town. And instead of decorating a home, you’re filling up and expanding a camper vehicle.

Unlike past Animal Crossings that feature a giant playground where most of the action takes place, Pocket Camp has you driving to different areas for various experiences, like shopping, fishing, catching bugs, and mining. Those activities allow you to pick up resources or complete tasks for other characters, enabling you to buy or make furniture and decorative items. As with most free mobile games, you can skip all that (and speed up the time to make stuff) by buying Leaf Tickets – you can also earn these here and there just by playing.

One of Pocket Camp’s new features is a friendship level you’ll have with the animals you come across. You can chat with them and fulfill requests to increase your friendship level, and decorate your campsite with the animal’s favorite furniture to encourage them to visit you. Of course, you’ll also be able to visit and invite friends, and purchase their fish, fruit, and bugs.

You can learn more about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on its official site.

THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE  Support Tiny Cartridge!

October 18 2017

October 17 2017

October 14 2017

October 04 2017

September 29 2017

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Tarot tuesday finally returns! On a friday! Because during two very busy weeks (including my participation in the Thought Bubble comics festival in Leeds) I’ve managed to not post a single card, so I have a bit of a backlog to make up.

Today’s card is the Three of Cups. The addition of a third element here brings us from the concept of a relationship to one of community - “three’s a crowd”, so to speak. Humans, like water molecules, are slightly sticky, and tend for the most part to gather in clumps. Whether these groups form consciously (e.g. someone trying to organise a “movie night”) or by necessity or proximity (e.g. institutions like school or work), or indeed whether they appear mysteriously out of nowhere, friendship groups are tricky for me to think about without getting weirded out. When they work out, they’re lovely - most humans are hard-wired to enjoy a sense of communal affection, I think. When they don’t function properly - perhaps due to a “problem person”, or simply a general feeling of petering out - it can feel pretty bad.

But, as with most of the emotional minutiae of life (which I feel like the Cups say a lot about), it’s important to remember that these things, while valid & important, are transient by nature. Things change, and that’s fine!

This illustration has our first honorary metaphorical stand-in for cups: trumpets. So far when using stand-ins (such as the girders in the 3 of Wands) I’ve tried to make it pretty obvious so that there’s not much confusion (since the cards’ suits aren’t currently labelled). Trumpets have openings that sort of resemble cup-like receptacles… plus the idea of musical harmony sorta chimes with what this card is about. Anyway, hope you like it.

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September 27 2017

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Splatoon 2 Salmon Run musicians 

The official Splatoon Twitter account recently posted pictures of the band ω-3 (Omega Three) that plays the music in the Splatoon 2 Salmon Run mode. More pictures added below and the songs ‘Gou Gou’ here and ‘Dragon Hole’ here.

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How did I miss this?!

September 26 2017

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The 15th Annual Thought Bubble Official Unofficial Taste Test Challenge: Fake Milk.

Judges (r to l) Lizz Lunney, Joe List, Joe Decie.

This September the humble yorkshire town of Leeds played host to The Comic Award Non-Comic Related Event Of The Year, Hosted By Cartoonists for Cartoonists, The 15th Annual Thought Bubble Official Unofficial Taste Test Challenge.

This year our panel of judges were given a selection of non-milk-milk alternative-milk-like beverages. They’re like milk but not from an animal. And there’s lots of them to choose from. Especially if you live in Brighton. And I do live in Brighton. The shop I visited had well over a hundred varieties to choose from, so I just grabbed as many as I could carry. And then I paid and left.

They were:

Rude Health Brown Rice, Oatly Oat Drink, Provamel Organic Soya, Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk, Good Hemp Simply Delicious.

The Results:

Well, they were mostly quite horrible actually. Good Hemp Simply Delicious wasn’t delicious at all, it was yucky. Oatly Oat Drink drink tasted like the leftover milk you’d find in your bowl after eating some really bland cereal, but not as fun. Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk was quite nice, but nothing like milk. It was more like coconut milk, all coconutty. Provamel Organic Soya coated your mouth in this odd kind of soya taste which wasn’t all that pleasant. Rude Health Brown Rice, which I chose assuming it would be revolting, was not revolting, it was actually very nice. All the judges agreed you could just drink it as a drink. Quite sweet though, so I wouldn’t put it in your tea, unless you like sweet tea. But anyway, best by far it was the winner. I’m sure they’d all have tasted better had they been chilled rather than served in a warm tent. So don’t take our word for it, go out and try some fake milks of your own. Rice milk, almond milk, we completely forgot those. Next year, maybe.


September 25 2017

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Autumn is the best.

September 24 2017

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hello there

September 21 2017

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The names of our Splatournment 4 All-Star teams just got announced! Shout out to Captains @adamvian (Tentacle Pentacle) and Matty Long (Octo Kablamo!) for creating S-rank worthy team logos!

Watch them face-off over on our Twitch stream on September 30th (8PM BST): twitch.tv/hiscoreclub

August 31 2017

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Morphies Law is definitely worth following ⊟ 

I did not expect an indie developer to deliver a team-based shooter for the Switch with a concept as strange and compelling as Splatoon, but Swiss studio Cosmoscope has something here with Morphies Law:

“The basic law of the game is simple: Each weapon hit transfers mass from the victim’s inflicted limb to the corresponding limb of the wielder of the weapon. As an immediate consequence, skilled players become tall and easy to hit, whereas beginners shrink until they become difficult targets. Highly skilled players may therefore play with casual players in the same match and both can enjoy the Game. Your skill will not be expressed by your kill-death-ratio, but by your body size.

Different body sizes require different strategies. A player with tall legs can jump on buildings, small players can hide in tiny holes. The size of every limb has an impact on your abilities and properties. For example the behavior of your butt-rocket depends on the size of your lower body. A successful player adapts to his own body-size.”

I love the concept’s built-in way of scaling the difficulty for people who might not be great at shooters (people like me lol):

The “robot morphology driven 3D shooter” is slated to launch as a console exclusive for Switch this winter (a PC version is also in the works).

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