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May 31 2018

The City of London is really weird. This church has a Starbucks?! And there's a little house poking out round the back? All while surrounded by skyscrapers.
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May 23 2018

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May 19 2018

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In episode 2 of Asstown, our mayors recount their favourite Animal Crossing residents, @kbaczynski takes us on a tour of her village, and a fan club forms around one particular five-o-clock shadow-wearing bear. Subscribe on your favourite podcast platform and read Asstown episode notes here: hiscoreclub.com/asstown

May 10 2018

May 06 2018

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May 05 2018

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Join Mayor David Thair as he gives a guided tour of our new Animal Crossing podcast! Listen and subscribe on your platform of choice here: https://www.hiscoreclub.com/asstown-s01e01

Episode 1 is here!

May 04 2018

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Good references.

Secret Panel HERE!

April 28 2018

April 19 2018


We have an aquatic announcement from our overseas colleagues who are partnering with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC for short). JAMSTEC is a scientific research institute dedicated to an integrated understanding of the Oceans, the Earth, and Life, all while contributing to the advancement of academic research.

That means JAMSTEC and the Splatoon 2 game are both anchored around the key themes of the ocean and the deep sea.

In fact, the gear you can get in Salmon Run this month is the Oceanic Hard Hat, an in-game replica helmet like the one JAMSTEC staff and scientists wear every day, offering protection for their hard work offshore.

Another fun fact is that the Autobomb sub-weapon in the Splatoon 2 game took some design inspiration from a JAMSTEC research vehicle called SHINKAI 6500. Completed in 1990, SHINKAI 6500 is a manned submersible that can dive to depths of 6,500 meters.

In the upcoming Octo Expansion DLC, SHINKAI 6500 will even make an appearance, as mysteries still remain in the deep-sea world of Inklings.

You may have also noticed that a scientific drilling vessel appeared near the battle stage Manta Maria. This real-life vessel, named CHIKYU, meaning “The Earth” in Japanese, can drill in water as deep as three Mt. Fujis combined, and it continues to close in on mysteries deep inside the Earth as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP).

To learn more about the research and science of JAMSTEC, you can check out more details here: http://www.jamstec.go.jp/e/

April 14 2018

Last night - I can never walk past Lloyd's without taking a picture.
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February 27 2018

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HAL Egg’s Part-Time UFO is out and cute ⊟ 

The first mobile app from HAL Labs’ “HAL Egg” division is out now on iPhone and Android in the west, for $4. It’s extremely cute and has a dangerously catchy theme song.

A UFO arrives on Earth,
Ready to help the planet’s citizens
with its handy extendable claw!

There’s also a BoxBoy cameo

THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE  Support Tiny Cartridge!

February 14 2018

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Just a sec. Gotta log into GMail

what the fuck


Garfield Lore goes DEEP


January 18 2018

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Family Curse

January 15 2018

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January 07 2018

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January 05 2018

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November 23 2017

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🍂 animal crossing pocket camp aesthetic 🍁

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my favourite outfits in mario odyssey

November 21 2017

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A new band called the Bottom Feeders has been tearing up the Inkopolis charts lately. The band is fronted by a tropical-betta-fish violinist, features vocals by a dude made of seaweed, and also includes a shark, a scallop, and a globefish. Their unforgiving yet catchy music style is the product of fusing ancient Celtic sea shanties with punk rock.

October 25 2017

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Tom Nook is back on his bullshit ⊟ 

I know that complaining about Tom Nook whenever new Animal Crossing stuff happens is corny, but this tanuki is out of control right now and I can’t let this go. Gone are the days when he’d empty just your virtual pockets to pay for home loans and trinkets at his shop – Nook is now demanding real life cash to grace your phone with his presence in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Even though Nintendo promised that the smartphone game will launch late November, an early version is already available in the Australian and New Zealand app stores, which people have taken advantage of. Early playthroughs (shout-outs to Kotaku) have shown that getting staple characters like K.K. Slider and Tom Nook to hang out at your campgrounds for an extended period of time requires a chair that costs 250 Leaf Tickets, the new in-game currency introduced with this release.

Now you can grind in-game activities to earn Leaf Tickets and hoard whatever freebies Nintendo throws at you to eventually buy one of these chairs, or you can spend around $10 on a stack (standard prices for the Tickets are ¢99 for 20, $1.99 for 45, $3.99 for 100, and $7.99 for 200). He’s always found new ways to scam you out of Bells with each game, but charging your credit card for an up-front appearance fee is peak Nook.

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